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Static Surveys

We are able to carry out surveys in static mode of all types of buildings and produce an in-depth structural analysis even for large areas.

Static surveys are the most accurate measuring method, because they enable to determine with microscopic precision the position and type of reinforcing iron in the concrete of a building.

During the surveys, carried out with state-of-the-art instrumentation, we also analyze the compressive strength of the concrete and the position of the reinforcing iron in order to carry out an accurate quality control, also in anticipation of possible structural reparations.

Thanks to modern positioning and photographic sensors, our instrumentation allows us to quickly determine and represent in 3D mode all types of structures.

You can contact us for

  • Measurements with Theodolite

  • Building surveys with Laser Scan

  • Measurements with a Ferroscan and sclerometer

  • Structural assessment reports, including statistics and 2D/3D visual presentations

  • Building testing and quality control

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