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Company policy of 
the environment quality

The quality and environmental management system UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI ISO 14001:2015 applied by PIANIFICA sa and BONALUMI Engineering SA respectively for the activities of:

Rev. 01 of 26/02/2022

Design of substructure and superstructure works,

Drafting of static surveys,


and of:

Project Management and Construction Supervision,

Future surveys and 3D surveys with laser theodolite and laserscan,

Vibration measurements and analysis,

Development of real estate projects and real estate estimates.


We have decided to implement a management system for quality and environment UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI ISO 14001:2015:


to improve the management of our internal processes, making them more effective and efficient and to demonstrate, through our actions to the outside world, our attention to quality;

to demonstrate to our customers and other social partners our commitment to respecting the environment in which we live. It is our intention to develop our activity respecting the needs of our customers and our internal staff while respecting the environment.


Given that our policy is to provide services that meet the highest level of quality, while respecting the environment, our commitment will be directed towards


to satisfying the demands of our clients and the expectations of other interested parties,

to the achievement of an income such as to allow a continuous development of our company;

to the continuous improvement of our internal processes and of our management system, thanks also to a strong sensitization of all our staff and collaborators on our company policy and objectives. 

to the respect of all the laws, ordinances and regulations, also in the environmental field, applicable to our company reality, as well as the eventual commitments freely assumed in the environmental field;


In order to achieve our objectives, we are committed to:


put in place internal procedures for verification and control, so as to monitor our environmental performance and inherent quality and the achievement of our objectives;

pursue the prevention of pollution and the containment of energy consumption and natural resources; 

encourage the use of renewable energy;

raise the awareness of all our staff, collaborators and suppliers on environmental issues and involve them in the pursuit of our objectives;

promote communication with the public and other interested parties.


In order to achieve the objectives set, the Management provides the company with highly professional human resources and adequate working tools.

The objectives, listed here, are annually translated into precise and documented commitments in order to measure the improvement of our management system for quality and environment to ensure its development over time.


Date: 26.02.2022 The Management

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