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Work management

We take care of the supervision of works for sub-structure and super-structure projects, taking care of every practical and bureaucratic aspect. Our orders have included both public tenders and projects for private customers.

The site manager is a key figure in all types of building sites. In addition to dealing with administrative authorizations and drafting reports on the progress of activities, he coordinates all the professional figures involved in the execution of engineering and architectural activities, ensuring that every aspect of the work is aligned with the executive project agreed with the client. 

Our work supervision team follows the whole execution of the project and certifies its quality in each phase, from the raw structure down to testing and final delivery.

Our work supervision activities include

  • Administrative tasks (opening of the site, endorsement of technical modifications, issue of certificates)

  • Quotations and specifications

  • Work management

  • Monitoring of costs and deadlines

  • Drafting the progress of work

  • Verification of the correct execution

  • Coordination and management of materials and surveys

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